How we’re making a positive impact, one tree at a time

At Hagerty Digital, we’re all about making a difference, not just in the digital world, but in the real one too. We’re thrilled to share something close to our hearts – our commitment to sustainability through tree planting.

You see, every time you choose to work with us, you’re not just investing in our services – you’re also contributing to the growth of something much bigger. For every project we undertake, we pledge to plant trees through our partnership with Ecologi.

It’s simple yet impactful. We allocate 5% of the project fee towards tree planting initiatives. That means, for every pound invested in our services, a portion goes directly towards planting trees. 

It only costs us 60p to plant a single tree! Can you believe it? With just a small fraction of your project cost, we’re able to make a significant difference to our planet.

Partnering with Ecologi allows us to support reforestation projects worldwide, tackling deforestation and climate change head-on. These trees not only combat carbon emissions but also provide habitats for wildlife, prevent soil erosion, and support local communities.

You can view our Ecologi forest by clicking here.

But why stop there?

We’re not just planting trees; we’re nurturing hope for a greener, more sustainable future. It’s our way of giving back to the environment that sustains us all.

We’re incredibly proud of the positive impact we’ve made so far, but we’re not stopping here. Our goal is to continue growing our forest and making an even bigger difference with every project we undertake.

So, next time you’re considering who to partner with, think beyond the screen. Choose a partner who’s committed to making a real difference.