Severnside Campervans

Dissatisfied with their outdated website, which failed to effectively showcase their unique conversions, Severnside Campervans sought a comprehensive solution to attract potential customers and increase engagement.

Severnside Campervans faced several challenges, including an outdated website lacking modern design elements and failing to highlight the quality of their conversions. Without dedicated service and stock pages, visitors found it difficult to explore options and make informed decisions when it comes to enquiring. Additionally, a lack of a gallery page hindered Severnside Campervans’ ability to visually communicate their conversions’ excellence..

Our Approach

Understanding the client's needs, we devised a comprehensive strategy. We created a visually stunning and user-friendly website to showcase Severnside Campervans' conversions effectively. Dedicated sections were added to highlight services and available conversions, facilitating quicker decision-making. A curated gallery showcased the craftsmanship and quality of Severnside Campervans' conversions, building trust and confidence. Prominent "Get a Quote" CTAs encouraged visitors to take the next step and submit inquiries.


Our strategy yielded significant results. The revamped website saw a surge in leads due to enhanced visibility and improved user experience. Visitors spent more time exploring the site, thanks to intuitive navigation and captivating design. The modern website design elevated Severnside Campervans' brand image, establishing them as industry leaders. The addition of stock pages facilitated smoother transactions, expediting purchase decisions for potential customers.

Through strategic implementation, Hagerty Digital reinvented Severnside Campervans’ online presence, driving increased leads, engagement, and brand visibility. The revamped website now serves as a powerful tool for attracting and converting potential customers, positioning Severnside Campervans for continued success.