LaserX sought to enhance their online presence and increase appointment bookings. We designed and developed a brand new WordPress site with conversions as the focus.

The main challenge was to create a website that not only showcased their services but also encouraged users to book sessions conveniently.


Hagerty Digital took a strategic approach to address LaserX’s challenges. The website features a clean and intuitive interface, placing the primary call-to-action front and centre: “Book An Appointment”. This streamlined approach ensures that visitors can easily navigate the website and schedule their appointments hassle-free.

In addition to the appointment booking system, we incorporated a comprehensive service section that highlights LaserX’s offerings. This enables visitors to explore the range of services offered and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Furthermore, we implemented a client results page showcasing before-and-after pictures, allowing potential customers to visualise the effectiveness of LaserX’s treatments. The inclusion of real-life results adds credibility to the brand and boosts confidence in prospective clients.

To address common inquiries and provide additional information, we created an FAQ section, ensuring that visitors can find answers to their questions easily. The website also includes essential pages such as “About Us” and “Contact Us”, providing visitors with insights into LaserX’s background and enabling them to get in touch effortlessly.



Recognising the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) in enhancing online visibility, we ensured that the LaserX website was SEO-ready from the outset. Each page was meticulously crafted with SEO best practices in mind, including optimised meta titles, descriptions, and keyword-rich content.

Moreover, the website was designed with the flexibility to expand through regular blog updates. By incorporating a blog section, LaserX has the opportunity to create and share relevant, high-quality content that not only engages visitors but also improves search engine rankings over time.

Additionally, Hagerty Digital implemented structured data markup and integration, enhancing the website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and enabling rich snippets to appear, providing users with more context about LaserX’s services.


Through strategic website design and development, we empowered LaserX to enhance their online presence and drive business growth. The user-centric approach, coupled with intuitive navigation and compelling visuals, has transformed the way LaserX connects with its audience and drives appointment bookings.